Top 5 Reason To Choose A Vacation Rental When Searching For Hotel Eunice, NM


Home Away From Home

Vacation Homes in Eunice, NM are just that: Homes and they include all the things you’d expect to find at home. Our Homes offer Full-sized appliances, Dishes, Books, Games and Laundry facilities. These kinds of amenities can make your stay so much more comfortable – especially if you’re travelling with the family or for an extended period of time. When you stay at a Hotel in Eunice, NM you often get a small place to sleep. On average, a vacation rental in Eunice, NM gives you more than 1,300 square feet in which to stretch out, unwind, and enjoy. By comparison, hotel rooms around Eunice are an average of just 325 square feet. 

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Family And Friends

Most Hotels in the Eunice, NM just aren't designed with the comfort and amenities to support large families or groups of friends traveling together. Between the high cost of eating out, possibly having to book multiple rooms to even accommodate everyone, and those pesky surprise fees hotels will charge you for multiple guest you can blow most of your budget before your vacation in Eunice, NM even starts. Thankfully by choosing a rental home, you can get much more value out of your vacation and have peace of mind knowing you have all of the essentials of a Home. 



Do you like having your own space? Well, thankfully when choosing a Vacation Rental you don’t have to stay in a cramped hotel that is only slightly more inviting than your local DMV. You can forget having to deal with that pesky front desk, thin walls, the dinging every time the elevator stops on your floor, and maids coming and going that can't ever seem the notice the do not disturb sign you placed on the door. In addition to the essentials (Plenty of comfortable beds, beds in separate rooms, living rooms, and free wifi) you can save your hard-earned money by having your meals at home.



Are you tired of motels in Eunice, NM  charging you for WIFI usage? Stateline Vacation Rentals offers free WIFI and Dish TV to all guests. We also have a Keurig Coffee Maker, various K-Cups, free water and free snacks in every Vacation Rental . 


Hassle Free Check-in

Do you hate waiting in line at the front desk of a hotel, if they are even there and your not having to chase them down, only to get a key for a room you already reserved a month ago?  Well so did we, that is why we now offer hassle free check-in.  When your Rental Home has been reserved you will receive a email that includes the Homes Address, key code, and WIFI password. This means all you need to do is go to your cabin and start relaxing. 

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