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Stateline Laundromat offers new, high-quality washing machines at a low cost of $2.00 Per Load. 


Stateline Laundromat offers new, high-quality dryers at a low cost of .25c Per 6 minutes. 

Change Machine

 Onsite Change Machine that accepts $1's, $5,'s, $10's and $20's. 

Soap Machine

Laundry Soap, Laundry Softer, and Dryer Sheets are all available to purchase at the Hobbs Nm Location.

24/7 Coin-Operated Laundromat

"Top Rated Laundromat Near Me"

About Us

The Clean you Expect 

If your searching for a laundromat in Hobbs, NM you have come to the right place. Stateline Laundromat is a self-service coin-operated laundromat 5 miles from Hobbs, NM and 24 miles from Seminole, TX  dedicated to bringing you high customer satisfaction by offering Working, Clean, Reliable machines while furnishing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere 24 hours a day. We are not just your standard wishy washy laundromat company. Our facilities are regularly cleaned, properly maintained, and we hold ourself to high standards when it comes to servicing the laundromat needs of customers from Hobbs, NM.  

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