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Top 5 RV Parks In Hobbs New Mexico

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Are you interested in travelling to the Hobbs NM area but are overwhelmed by the many RV park options that are out there? We have compiled a handy guide that will make choosing the RV park that's best for you a breeze.

Stateline Cabin & RV "Top pick for RV Protection"

Located just 5 minutes from Hobbs on 62/180, this 4.3 star RV park offers 28 fully covered RV spaces. Each covered space is 25ft X 50ft offering plenty of parking. RV's under a cover stay much cooler in the summer, and protect against UV rays, hail, and other storms It also offers a shaded area to relax and enjoy being outside, but out of the sun. WIFI is included along with a surveillance system that watches the property 24/7. This park is pet friendly, and has plenty of space to walk your dog. There is an onsite laundromat, and according to google reviews it is the cleanest laundromat around. Making a reservation is easy with an online booking system. Price for a month is $700 (575) 631-6150


  1. The only covered parking in Hobbs packs a ton of value.

  2. Has a quieter country vibe to it since it is just out of town.

  3. High review rating for the RV park and laundromat boasts happy customers and great service.

  4. Onsite office with laundromat and restrooms.

  5. Able to book directly from website


  1. Located right along the highway so traffic noise can be high.

  2. No trees or grass

  3. One of the pricier options

Summary: If protecting your RV investment from hail and sun damage under a large RV canopy is high on your list we highly recommend this park.

Stateline Cabin & RV


Econo RV Park "Top Pick For Budget RV Park"

Ten minutes outside of Hobbs NM, and 15 min from Seminole TX this quiet RV park is perfect for someone wanting a budget option that still offers several amenities. What this RV park lacks in aesthetic appeal and high end comfort it makes up for in a solid amenity line up and budget-friendly price.

With a 4.6 star rating on google it is clear this park has been a great fit for a lot of people. Each of the 28 caliche covered spaces offers 25ft X 50ft parking, full hookup for 50 or 30 AMP, WIFI, 24 hr video surveillance, and access to a private laundromat just 5 minutes away. A monthly rate is $400. There is no office on site, all reservations can be made over the phone at (575) 393-6872 or online at


  1. Budget friendly

  2. Free WIFI

  3. Quiet country feel.

  4. Access to laundromat

  5. Close to Hobbs and Seminole


  1. Being 10 min outside of Hobbs is great for some people and annoying for others.

  2. Poor aesthetic appeal, i.e. no trees, grass, shrubs, etc

  3. Does not have covered parking

Summary: If you want a budget RV park out of town that has several amenities this ones for you.

Econo RV Park


Zia RVillas “Top pick for comfort amenities”

Zia RVillas is a large 4.1 star rated RV park located on the outskirts of Hobbs that offers several on site activities such as a pool, clubhouse, and game room. They also have provide WIFI, cable, and a laundromat. Some areas of the park have grass and pull-through parking, other areas have caliche parking. Price for a month is $575. The number to make a reservation is (575) 392-7887


  1. On site activities

  2. Has grass and some trees

  3. Has a pool

  4. Has a clubhouse with a kitchen and pool table.

  5. Free WIFI


  1. Several reviews mention poor service from management.

  2. Does not have covered parking.

  3. Not good to answer the phone and will keep you on hold.

Summary: Zia RVillas is a good choice if on-site activities is something you really like.

Zia RVillas


Cowboys RV Park "Top pick for dust free RV park"

Cowboys RV park is a 4.3 star rated RV park located in Hobbs. This park is gated and has all concrete and gravel parking for a dust-free experience. With a laundromat, dog park, showers, WIFI, video surveillance and cable you are sure to be comfortable while staying here. Price for a month is $600. To make a reservation give them a call at (575) 391-6233.


  1. Professional management and service

  2. Showers and laundromat on site.

  3. Dog park

  4. Gated park

  5. Free WIFI


  1. No trees or grass

  2. Does not have covered parking

  3. Only allows 2 vehicles per RV space

Summary: Clean professional feel, and a good line-up of amenities.

Cowboys RV Park


Lea County RV Park "Top pick for new RV park"

The newest RV park in Hobbs is located in town and has lots of spaces available and has only been reviewed one time so far with a 4 star rating. This is a large, pretty basic park with caliche parking, WIFI, and full hookup. This is more of a budget park with very few amenities and a price around $400 a month. The number to book a reservation is: (575) 704-9128


  1. New

  2. Budget friendly

  3. Free WIFI

  4. Close to Hobbs Attractions

  5. Fenced in


  1. Few amenities

  2. Poor aesthetic appeal, i.e. no trees, grass, shrubs, etc

  3. No video surveillance

Summary: Although basic, this park is very close to all that Hobbs has to offer at a reasonable rate.

Lea County RV Park while under construction

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